Latest Ways New Moms Get Bodies Back In Shape

Latest Ways New Moms Get Bodies Back In Shape

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Fitness coaches and doctors tell us the number one complaint they hear is: "What more can I do to get rid of this sagging skin, that roll, these stretch marks."

Well FOX 29's Joyce Evans found more mommies are seeking ways to snapback in shape with little to no down time and without busting their budgets.

From glowing back to glamorous, celebrity bodies appear to do it all the time – snapping back after pregnancy in record speed.

For most moms, it can take a bit more dedication and a lot of hard work.

"After having a baby and being in good shape before that, you feel like you should be back to your pre-baby shape right away," said new mom Molly May.

Adorable baby Quinten is only 14-weeks-old still, and May is squeezing in a swim at the gym. She's in a hurry to get her body back.

"True, true and everybody tells me to be patient," May said.

She's not the only new mom working up a sweat - to work off the baby weight.

And while she's prepared to settle for some pregnancy scars, she knows what the gym can't fix a cosmetic surgeon can.

"My girlfriend at work she wants to get her belly lasered after she had a baby. She had stretch marks, and was really unhappy with it. And I said, you know, if that's going to make her happy, then I think she should go for it," May said." I'm not brave enough to do it."

But Barbara Clement has guts.

"I gained 55 pounds, so…" Clement said.

That's a lot of belly stretching, giving birth to twin boys, Jaden and Austin, who joined their 5-year-old brother, Preston.

Nine months later, Clement looks fantastic to us. But what she's covering up is loose belly skin and barely-visible draping and dimpling upper thighs.

"I'm looking for something to tighten it up a little bit," she said.

But it can't require any down time. She's got three little boys.

"No time for that."

And no need for that, according to Dr. Steven Davis.

"The skin has gotten a little loose. There's probably a little deposit of fat that's just not going away with diet and exercise, and sometimes the muscle in that area can be a bit tightened."

He showed us a number of before and after photos of moms who had a variety of different non-invasive procedures to either erase or improve their mommy marks.

"So, in this particular case, the better choice was to use a laser," Davis said.

To smooth and repair discoloration, some require a combination of different treatments to achieve the best results.

For Clement, with great muscle tone and little to no fat, she chose Pelleve, a radio frequency technology that is FDA-approved to tighten and smooth facial skin. But it's being used all over for leaner, physically fit women who just need a little help with what her workout can't work out.

"So it's skin, meaning the tightening up of the skin and also making the stretch marks less apparent," Davis said.

The doctor, assisted by Angela Cyrus-Fowler, applied the gel and turned up the heat on Barbara's drapey belly skin.

"I'm measuring the temperature, and our goal is to get to 40 centigrade," Cyrus-Fowler said.

That's to tighten and stimulate collagen re-growth deep down – sort of like a microwave oven, they say – working from the inside out. It just looked red to Evans.

"It just feels a little warm," Clement said. "It doesn't hurt at all, kind of like if you've been out in the sun, you know, your skin heats up a little bit."

"Instantly you'll feel the tissues becoming affected," said the doctor. "The trick is that permanency won't happen right away. … It takes about two to four weeks for the collagen to really grow like that and remodel."

Also tricky is how well it works person to person.

"If you're trying to use it on everyone, it's not going to work. And that's when you start getting some discrepancies in results. So, you just have to be more specific on who you're using it on," Davis said.

As for Clement, she said, "I can definitely see a difference. It's much better, much tighter."

She added, "Don't, you know, just sit back and just accept that you're a mom and that there's nothing you can do about it. You don't have to accept that. You could look better and be a mom, too."

It could take months and several treatments and still your results may not be as good as your girlfriend's.

Davis says he's also beginning to see more men, especially athletes and bodybuilders, seeking ways to smooth out stretch marks and other imperfections that they can't fix in the gym., Evans reported.

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