Couple #2: Peter Nunn and Jamie Crossno

Couple #2: Peter Nunn and Jamie Crossno


Three finalists are competing for the wedding of their dreams, courtesy of FOX 5 and Ashton Gardens. The second finalist pair are Major Peter Nunn and his fiancé, Jamie Crossno.

Nunn has always been committed to his country, but had yet to commit to love. That was until he met Jamie Crossno. Now, he considers their love a match made in heaven.

"I was done. I was just going to leave it to God and let him figure it out. I'll worry about the military piece and let him worry about the rest of my life," said Nunn.

Jamie just about felt the same way. After a dating hiatus, she began to put herself back out there, but it seemed she and the guys weren't on the same page.

"And every time I brought up God or I brought up the type of integrity I wanted in a relationship, most of them lost interest. And then when Pete and I talked about it, that was exactly what we both were looking for," said Crossno.

It turns out Peter's pact with God paid off. The two, who met through mutual friends, have many of the same interests.

"Number one right off the bat was the purpose of our relationship, the purpose of how we saw relationships was to honor God through each other. That was a big sell for me. So I was like, oh, now we can talk," said Nunn.

Their first date was bit unusual. It was on the gun range.

"I've always wanted to learn how to shoot guns, so he told me he was in the Army and he'd teach me, and it was very cool," said Crossno.

All the dates after that have been just as cool.  They're head over hills about each other.

"I see her float around the house and it's just crazy. I don't even know if she knows she's doing it but it makes me melt," said Nunn.

Thanks to Jamie's daughter, Peter's learning how to drink imaginary tea, and eat make believe cupcakes. He's treating little Layla like his own.

"She's one of those people you meet and instantly fall in love with. And then when you go away and play army you miss the world of them," Nunn said.

Though the love is there, the wedding hasn't happened yet because of financial reasons. They're hoping soon they can make their family official.
"The most important thing to him at the end of the day is what kind of man he is, and what kind of example he's setting. He really takes that to heart," said Crossno.

We'll hear from our third couple on Friday.  Then, starting Friday morning at 9 a.m., you can begin voting online. The couple with most votes will win a free, dream wedding at Ashton Gardens in Sugar Hill.

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