Take a vacation: You may need it

Take a vacation: You may need it

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According to a recent study, 226 million vacation days went unused last year. But, experts say taking some time off from work can actually make you a better employee.

Just think. How many times have you uttered in the office: "I need a vacation." Well, you might just be right! You need a vacation and experts say it's how you'll get some of your best work done.

It's something that most people love to do. But, when you ask your boss for a vacation, the answer, statistics say, is most likely to be ‘No.'

Gregory Smith, from Chart Your Course International, says, "We're finding that Americans are probably the worst at using vacation time."

A recent survey showed that the average American has at least two vacation days leftover at the end of the year. For some reason, more Americans are putting off their vacations.

"One of the reasons why I don't take a vacation is because I'm more comfortable here at my house. I sleep better in my own bed. I like a routine," one employee said.

Smith said, "No one is going to do the work for you while you're gone. So, you're going to put yourself at a disadvantage when you go back because you gotta catch up."

Smith works as a work-life consultant and says that taking a vacation can actually enhance your work experience.

"People are more productive when they're happy," he said. "And, if they're happy at home, they're going to be more productive at work."

He advised workers to take their vacation days – all of them – and to enjoy themselves.

Smith said, "It's good just to turn off from work and be there with your family because your family's critically important. And those relationships you have at home are going to support you when you go back to the workplace."

Make sure your family had your full attention and turn off your phones. Don't obsess over e-mails and put away your laptop.

Also, a vacation doesn't mean you have to go to an exotic, pricey locale. Any place that interrupts your work routine and give you time to relax will do just fine.

Smith said, "If you can find your ideal space where your good ideas come and you improve your attitude, that's a win-win situation."

Americans earn the least amount of vacation days, too, at just 14 a year. The country where workers earn the most is the UK with 28 days of yearly vacation.

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