Natalie Coughlin: You Need To Protect Those Eyes

Natalie Coughlin: You Need To Protect Those Eyes

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Swimmer Natalie Coughlin is a twelve time Olympic medalist. She's currently training for the Games in Rio De Janeiro in 2016, but this summer she's touring the country with Lens Crafters for their ‘Must Go See' campaign.






From Natalie:

  • This summer I'm traveling with LensCrafters to get the word out about their new Go See campaign which focuses on celebrating sight.
  • I'm getting a chance to visit and share my must go see sights, make sure to follow me and the hash tag #aMustGoSee to follow my travels.


Partnership with LensCrafters/Go See Campaign:

  • The LensCrafters new Go See Campaign is all about the celebration of sight and taking in the beauty of the world around you.
  • Maintaining good vision is key for me as an athlete and someone who cares about living a healthy lifestyle.
  • In general, people are more and more focused on taking care of themselves, whether that means eating well, getting enough exercise, overall investing in our well-being and healthy vision falls into that mindset.
  • After LA, I'll be visiting Chicago, New York as well as other cities to check out more go-see locations and speak further about how a healthy lifestyle includes healthy vision.
  • LensCrafters is devoted to the idea of "looking good and seeing well". They do that by bringing the best designer and luxury brands alongside the most cutting edge technology for vision care.


Eye Health:

  • I rely on healthy snacks to keep me energized in between training sessions and while I'm on the road. I need something quick and delicious that will keep me going throughout the day.
  • Some of my favorite go-to healthy snacks for the summer are my home made fresh fruit salsa, green smoothie and trail mix and I love that all of these support healthy vision.
  • It's amazing how diet can impact your eye health. We've all heard the old adage that carrots improve vision but I've learned there's actually some truth to that!
  • All of these snacks are packed with ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids, lutein and zinc that benefit your whole body, especially your eyes.
  • When thinking about your eye health, you also want to make sure you are protecting your eyes from UV rays. Any time I'm outside I try to remember to wear sunglasses. It's similar to wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays that we know cause premature wrinkles and skin cancer. UV rays can be damaging to your vision too, causing cataracts, macular degeneration, and more, so you want to keep your eyes protected, even on days where the sun isn't bright. If you wear glasses it's a great idea to have sunglasses made with your prescription so that you are always protected.
  • In order to stay on top of your eye health it's important that you're getting an eye exam once a year. I go LensCrafters for my eye exams and it's quick, easy and painless!


Update on Natalie:

  • Since London, I've continued to train and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • I've switched up my workout routines and made it a point to eat well, since I'm training to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
  • In two weeks I'll be competing in the National Championships and World Championship Trials in Indianapolis and at the end of July I'll be heading to Barcelona for the FINA World Championships.  


Cooking Demo:

Green Summer Smoothie

  • The first snack I'm going to show you today is a green smoothie.
  • It's filled with nutrients such as lutein and xeaxanthin (pronounced zee-uh-zan'-thin), which are great for your eyes.
  • These nutrients are known to help prevent eye diseases such as cataracts and vision loss caused by macular degeneration.
  • This simple smoothie is easy and quick to make.  Combine 2 cups of chopped kale leaves, 2 ripe kiwis that are peeled and quartered, 1 banana, the juice from 1 lime, and a cup of water or ice cubes.
  • Blend on high until smooth and enjoy! 

Fresh Fruit Salsa

  • My second snack is a fresh fruit salsa.  It's light, refreshing and perfect for summer.
  • I love to bring this dish to a summer BBQ or enjoy this as an afternoon snack on the patio.
  • Since it's so easy to make, I usually make a big portion and use it throughout the week as a dip for multigrain chips and as a topping for fish dishes like tilapia or sea bass.
  • To start, you'll need a tomato, mango, peach, red pepper, yellow onion, 6-8 strawberries, a ½ cup of pineapple and a jalapeno pepper to add some heat.
  • Dice the fruits and vegetables and place in a bowl.  Then add in 2 minced garlic cloves.
  • Chop up some cilantro and add it to the bowl.  To finish it off squeeze lime juice all over the fruits and veggies, add half a tablespoon of salt and mix everything together. 
  • I love to pull as many fresh ingredients as I can from the garden in my backyard. By the end of the summer I usually have a lot of tomatoes so this is the perfect recipe to put those to good use!
  • This dip is filled with lycopene and vitamin C, which can help reduce your risk of developing diseases such as cancer, high cholesterol and macular degeneration, so it's delicious and keeps you healthy. 

Homemade Trail Mix

  • Finally I'm going to show you how to make my homemade trail mix.  It's a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration and keep your heart healthy, plus it's simple to make.
  • Combine one cup of quartered dried plums, one cup of diced dried apple rings, and one cup of unsalted almonds with ½ cup of shelled pistachios, ½ cup white morsels and ¼ cup of toasted sunflower seeds without shells to a bowl.
  • The dried plums and white morsels will help add some sweetness to even out the saltiness of the nuts and seeds.
  • After you have mixed everything together you can pre-portion it out in individual snack bags for an easy on-the-go snack. I love to keep a bag of this mix in my gym bag to enjoy before or after a workout.
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