Sharknado! How about some movie titles I want to see

Sharknado! How about some movie titles I want to see

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People are saying Sharknado is the best-worst movie ever and therefore a must-see.  Recommendations and commentary on the movie have gone completely viral.

The Asylum sci-fi thriller premiered Thursday night on Syfy.

Ok, I'm in.  I am going to watch it, but before I do I want to send a message to Hollywood asking them to make some movies that I would like to see.

Movie titles I would like to see:

Cashnado:  Everyone wins the lottery but does the storm buy happiness? A surprise ending.

Margaritanado:  Jimmy Buffet swoops down to offer impromptu concerts that raise money for AA programs.

Torpedonado: A cold war era piece that has James Bond, played by the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore, trying to stop a rogue eastern block nation from unleashing it's new weapon.

NATOnado: A short film of symbolism where peace negotiators can find no country to land, they just spin on.

Macarenanado: A movie produced by Christopher Guest and the Best in Show crew, about the new dance craze that is sweeping the nation, but really it's just a rip off the twist.

Earthquakenado: The earth not only shakes, but flies.  The term 'Fujita-Richter Scale' is coined.

Ralphnado: A documentary about a presidential campaign aboard a hot air balloon.

Potatonado: A small town in Idaho is decimated by their own crops.

Cheetanado: The fastest tornado ever.

Cheaternado: Filled with couches and rooms for rent by the hour has deviants across the land hoping to get swept up in the sin cloud. 

Oilnado: This gusher of a movie has gas prices spinning out of control and everybody gets soaked.  Oh never mind, that's a reality show.


What's a movie title that you would like to see?  Please add it to the comment section below.


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