Out With The Old In With The New

Out With The Old In With The New

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Why must everything change ?

In many ways, I'm ''old school'. I'd probably still use a VCR if they made them. My car has no GPS, I still churn my own butter (not really ). And when it comes to light bulbs, I still like the Thomas Edison kind, the incandescent bulb, the brighter the better. So, it is with some dismay that I report, as many have already found out, that incandescent bulbs are almost extinct. This year manufacturers stopped making the 75 and 100 watts, this year they'll stop making the 40's and 60.'s. Blame President Bush.  (well, he was Pres in 2007).


He was in charge when the government passed the ''Energy Independence and Security Act'', which had the very important goals of making light bulbs more efficient and reducing the amount of energy they needed to turn them on in the first place. I read that it will save like the equivalent amount of energy of like 30 coal burning plants a year in the his country.. Or was it three? Oh well. So, when you go bulb shopping, as I did today for a story in the West LA "OSH", you can't find incandescent.  You have '' LED' which is about 15 bucks a bulb, lasts 14 years, you have ''' CFL" (the corkscrew kind) about 8 bucks... lasts about 9 years.. and then you can get '' halogen'' which is the incandescent replacement, about 6 bucks for a four pack still, but they only last about a year. So, in the long run , you save money , which is a great thing, but you have to be a mathematician to figure out exactly how much, and it's tough to comprehend that you have to endure ''sticker shock '' when you buy a light bulb. And yes the government is now in our light sockets.

 (PS- no one's enforcing the ban anyway.. so maybe there will be an incandescent black market emerging).

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