Trick your taste buds with "miracle berry"

Trick your taste buds with "miracle berry"

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They call it a "Miracle Berry." It can trick your taste buds. It turns sour foods sweet and vice versa. It's called the "goji berry" and some chefs say it may be a natural weight loss tool.

FOX 5 Medical Team reporter, Beth Galvin, took a trip to Three Sheets Restaurant in Sandy Springs for a "flavor trip." Flavor tripping is performed when you swish a goji berry around you mouth before eating, both, sweet and sour foods to "trip up" your taste buds.

Chef Philip Osbourn of Three Sheets says the fruit comes from West Africa and that the fruit only produces one berry each.

The goji berry contains a protein that binds to taste receptors on your tongue and confuses your brain into thinking everything you eat is sweet.

However, Dr. Robert Shewfelt of the University of Georgia's School of Food Science isn't convinced goji berry is all that "miraculous." In fact, as a sweetener the berry isn't even FDA-approved and it's not heat-stable, so cooking with the berry isn't safe.

According to Shewfelt, Japanese scientists have been studying the berry as a natural sweetener but there is no definitive evidence of weight loss, at this time.

The berries can be purchased from suppliers in Miami and Puerto Rico and they must be kept refrigerated. They're about $3 a piece.

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