Are Taco Drones Hovering on The Horizon?

Are Taco Drones Hovering on The Horizon?

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First it was Amazon drones, then Facebook started talking about getting some, but this may be the best drone idea of all.

A Silicon Valley startup is planning on using drones to deliver tacos to your door.  The startup, appropriately named TacoCopter,  has developed a business plan that will completely eliminate the middleman in the food to consumer arc.  Not to mention the troubling need to get out of your jammies and go to the drive-thru . According to Wired magazine,   the idea behind TacoCopter is to use   an application on a smartphone to   order and pay online.  The app would also transmit your location via  GPS and the drone helicopter would then be sent out with the food.

TacoCopter's website has been live for almost three years now, but has recently garnered attention on Facebook and Twitter.

Small problem with the idea:  The U.S. government.  The brains behind the concept, MIT grad Star Simpson told the Huffington Post,"Current U.S. FAA regulations prevent...using UAVs (Unmanned Ariel Vehicles like drones) for commercial purposes at the moment. Honestly I think it's not totally unreasonable to regulate something as potentially dangerous as having flying robots slinging tacos over people's heads...On the other hand, it's a little bit ironic that that's the case in a country where you can be killed by drone with no judicial review."

Simpson also admits that there are plenty of kinks to be worked out of the idea, such as keeping the food warm, and preventing unfortunate taco crashes.

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