Sterling Stirs New Dispute With Magic Johnson HIV Remarks

Sterling Stirs New Dispute With Magic Johnson HIV Remarks

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From Phil Shuman:

Is it possible he could get himself in even more trouble ?

Every day there is something new and perhaps a little bit more bizarre in the ongoing mess that has become the life and times of Donald Sterling. Yesterday it was Sterling on CNN in perhaps the worst ''apology'' of ever, criticizing one of the most beloved figures in Los Angeles, Magic Johnson. You no doubt have heard him with Anderson Cooper. ''He's got AIDS!"  "What has he done, big Magic Johnson, what has he done?" Groan. Today it was Magic, also on CNN, fighting back so to speak, though many don't think he had to or should have, saying of Sterling, "He's trying to find something that he can grab on to help him save his team. And it's not going to happen. ... I'm a God-fearing man and I'm going to pray for him and hope things work out for him." That was very charitable of Magic in my opinion, and in a city of Magic fans, it was easy to find those who felt Sterling's comments were further evidence of how out of touch and desperate he is, and how Magic deserves nothing but credit.

At the Challengers Boys and Girls Club at 49th and Vermont, where Magic has been involved since coming to LA in 1979, Corey Dantzler put it this way. "It was shocking and heard to hear, sounded like he didn't know what magic had contributed int his community and all communities. " was proud to show off a picture of Magic, then L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley and Lou's Dad posing together, and he showed me the forward Magic had written in a book about the club, a club founded by Lou on a lot deeded by the Von's Corporation to the City for the grand some of one dollar. And as for Magic's contributions, it's not just giving money, it's time too, whether it's working with kids, Starbucks, movie theatres, TGIF's, 24 hour fitness, the Dodgers, Magic seems to have the golden touch. He can do no wrong, even though he admitted doing a lot of wrong as a wild young man in his NBA days. He's more than made up for any transgressions of youth, and Sterling chose to dig his own grave even deeper with his criticism. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking it's time for everyone to stop talking and focus on the Clippers's quest for their first ever NBA title.

From Bob DeCastro:

There is new fallout following Clippers owner Donald Sterling's interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper last night. It was Sterling's first public comment since he was banned from the NBA.

Sterling was apologetic, insisting that he is not racist. But he was also defiant and focused anger at one of his critics, Magic Johnson. He questioned Johnson's image as a role model and his HIV status.

"What does he do for the black people? He doesn't do anything," Sterling said in the CNN interview.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver called Sterling's latest comments "a malicious and personal attack." Silver offered Johnson an apology from the NBA.

Meanwhile Clippers new interim CEO, Richard Parsons, says he is trying to put the scandal behind him and steer the team in the right direction.

"I really think this will become America's team if we get this right because Americans love a story where somebody gets knocked down, but they get back up, they get back in the ring and they show they have character," Parsons said in his first press conference as interim CEO.

Sterling blamed the negative backlash on the media, and said he didn't think NBA owners would strip him of the LA Clippers.

Magic Johnson reacted on Twitter saying "after this week no more Sterling talk…"

Johnson is also scheduled to speak with Anderson Cooper tonight.

(FOX 11 / AP) An interview that was supposed to be an attempt at rehabilitation instead had Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling facing fresh rebukes as he went from apologizing for recent racist remarks to slamming Magic Johnson, repeatedly bringing up the ex-NBA star's HIV status and calling him an unfit role model for children.

"He's got AIDS!" Sterling said loudly at one point in the interview, cutting off CNN's Anderson Cooper as the interviewer attempted to cite Johnson's accomplishments after Sterling asked, "What has he done, big Magic Johnson, what has he done?"

The comments earned Sterling quick condemnation from the league that was already trying to rid itself of the owner.

Commissioner Adam Silver, who gave Sterling a lifetime ban and $2.5 million fine two weeks ago, issued a statement saying, "while Magic Johnson doesn't need me to, I feel compelled on behalf of the NBA family to apologize to him that he continues to be dragged into this situation and be degraded by such a malicious and personal attack."

"The NBA Board of Governors is continuing with its process to remove Mr. Sterling as expeditiously as possible," the commissioner added.

Johnson, who is scheduled to appear on Cooper's show to reply on Tuesday, wrote on his Twitter account that "I'd rather be talking about these great NBA Playoffs than Donald Sterling's interview."

Johnson later Tweeted, "After this week, no more Sterling talk."

Sterling changed course briefly during the interview to call Johnson "a good person," but soon resumed his criticism.

"He acts so holy," Sterling said. "He made love to every girl in every city in America, and he had AIDS, and when he had those AIDS, I went to my synagogue and I prayed for him, I hope he could live and be well. I didn't criticize him. I could have. Is he an example for children?"

Cooper corrected Sterling, explaining that Johnson was HIV-positive but did not have "full-blown AIDS."

Sterling briefly adjusted his language but not his tone.

"What kind of a guy goes to every city, has sex with every girl, then he catches HIV. Is that someone we want to respect, and tell our kids about?" Sterling said. "I think he should be ashamed of himself."

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