Easy fixes for anxiety

Easy fixes for anxiety

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Stress and anxiety bring a lot of people into Dr. Taz Bhatia's Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine.

"So I think I hear that room to room, every day. Over and over. And the medication concern is a real one. Patients do have concerns about it. I mean the medications do have side effects. So they want to know what they can do safely, and effectively to help them manage their symptoms," says Dr. Bhatia

Step one: rethink your eating

"So really trying to cut out sugar. Eating consistenly during the day. Watching the amount of caffeine you're taking, because what caffeine will often do is interrupt nighttime sleep as well."

That brings us to step two: work on your sleep.

So really trying to regulate that sleep cycle. Trying to get to bed earlier. Turn those electronics off. Relax. Use those techniques like aromatherapy to help you relax.

Dr. Taz also recommends coping techniques, like "Progressive Muscle Relaxation."

“ Children love it because they think of it as a game, and it's great for adults, too,” explains Dr. Bhatia . “But basically you start at the top of your head. And if you have somebody who is super nervous about going into the school room, or going into the classroom, they start by wrinkling up their nose and letting it go, they clench their fist really tight and let it go. You shrug your shoulders really tight and let it go. You work on different muscles of the body and work from head to toe.”

And children seem to also respond well to guided imagery.

"Which is where they listen to tapes the night before or the morning of whatever stressful even there is. And it kind of helps them to again, focus their breathing, really thinl about maybe moving their thoughts to a safe, positive place rather than the negative loop that happens with anxiety. Oh, my gosh oh my gosh. This is happening, everything is going to go wrong. It helps to break that cycle," says Dr. Bhatia

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